Membership Process in our Networking Group

1. You must attend three meetings as a visitor within a four week period.

2. Once you have visited the group a total of six times, you must either join us or stop visiting our group.

3. Once you have finished step one and two, you must complete the application for membership in order to be considered.

4. Obtain three interviews (one-on-ones) with active ProNet members.

5. If an existing member is in the same profession as you, then you must obtain approval from the existing member and officers to join. (See By-Laws for guidelines and details)

6. A vote will be held amongst the officers and then, majority rules and your membership will either be accepted or declined.

7. Once you have become a definite member of our group, then you will need to pay the designated dues within a reasonable amount of time. ($40.00 )

Membership Process

Networking Group Attendance

Attendance is absolutely mandatory. Any given member cannot miss more than one meeting out of entire month without the approval of one of the many Officers of the group. Please contact a Board Member when you cannot attend for an excused absence and please keep track of the meetings that you miss and try to stay on top of things by getting information from another member.

Cleburne Chamber Affiliation

We are affiliated with the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce. Members of the ProNet do not have to be a Chamber member to join, but if a member of the Chamber of Commerce in the same profession wants to join ProNet; you will be given the option of joining the Chamber of Commerce at that time or giving up your seat in the group.

Membership Application

Click here to download our membership application.

Johnson County Pronet Bylaws

Click here to download ourĀ current bylaws.

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